This book represents a love letter to atheists, and an appeal to the religions of the world to come together.  Written by a Christian who left the church when he realized it's demonization of the LGBTQ+ community and other faiths was antithetical to the spirit of Jesus. After a decade of agnosticism he returned to identifying as a Christian when  turns of events in his life presented the opportunity for Jesus to solidify his position as the ultimate example for his life. He spent the next decade contemplating the answer to the question that titles this book, "How could a God of Love Create a World so Cruel" and he has arrived at an answer that will change your outlook on life.  Featuring chapters like "It's a simulation stupid!" and "Why do the good die young?"and  "Natural Disasters" and "Why does God prefer to be in the shadows?" and "Victims of suicide and addiction" "Why does evil flourish?" and more.